Maritza Vázquez BLU
Guadalajara, Jalisco. 1963.
  • Studied Visual arts in the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara with specialization in sculpture.

  • Worked with sculptors Diego Martínez Negrete and Saúl Hernández Santoyo, both owners of artistic foundries in her hometown where she was able to learn everything involved in bronze casting and finishing techniques.

  • Begun experimenting with steel in industrial workshops to gain a new perspective needed to create pieces on a larger scale.

  • As one of her passions, scuba diving has been a great inspiration for her work.

  • Experimentation has been an important part of her artistic path. She believes that the materials used can greatly help with their essence in order to represent the ideas and concepts she wants to convey.

  • Active since 1986, she has exhibited her sculptures in various galleries, museums and public open spaces in Mexico and U.S.A.

  • Many of her creations are a part of important private collections and some are on permanent display on the beach walk of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.

  • Spent two years going continuously to Monterrey (Mexico) to work on The Coral Series with Generoso Villarreal who produces metal sculptures for artists such as Tamayo, Friedeberg, Alejandro Colunga, Sebastian, Gunther Gerszo etc.

  • She currently lives with her family in San Antonio, Tx where she’s serving as a board member of Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum and produces her work both in Mexico and USA.